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Progressive Christian Podcast Party: An Interview with Irenicast’s Jeff Manildi

Posted with permission Jeff Manildi, Rev. Allen O’Brien, and Melody loved a good party. At family gatherings, they’d find each other, forming a little group. Regardless of the type of party, these three would always keep their pastoral thinking caps on. Every time, they’d talk about theology as if they were teens engrossed in the latest gossip. Jeff particularly liked expressing his doubts to Allen, while both men enjoyed being challenged by Melody’s female perspective. Often enough, it didn’t take long for them to realize they weren’t the only ones in the conversation anymore. Other guests would be drawn to the conversation and chime in their thoughts. Before they knew it, the group was made up of several more people, all actively participating in a dialogue that easily connected serious material and just another good time. It’s exactly this kind of vibe that Jeff, Allen, and Melody tried to create when they founded Irenicast. Irenicast is a Progressive Christi

The Gender Factor: An Interview with Writer Catherine Tinker

Posted with subject's permission Catherine Tinker was thrilled to receive a contract to publish. As excited as she was, though, she was also under a considerable amount of pressure. There were deadlines for drafts, edits, revisions, and more, that she still had to meet. Simply finishing her book – while a great milestone – was not the end-all and be all. One Sunday morning, Tinker decided to vent to a fellow churchgoer. “I’ve just been very stressed,” she admitted, “about getting my edits in to my editor on time.” “Did you say editor?” a voice interjected. Tinker turned to address a male church attendee who had nothing to do with the conversation. Tinker attempted to respond politely. “Yes, I have a book deal milling and I’m just kind of stressed to get my revisions sent in on time.” The man then proceeded to explain the writing process to Tinker, step by step, commenting on “how it’s so much effort” and “so much trial and error”. To top it all off, he s