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What Do We Have to Live For?: Read This if the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Brought Up Suicidal Ideation for You or a Loved One

Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Schools are one of the most popular settings for movies, T.V. shows, books, and maybe even music videos. Post-secondary schools especially. So, it’s easy to imagine what that kind of environment is like, even if you didn’t go to college.
I absolutely love working at an artsy post-secondary school. Since the Student Services office is by the music department, I’m always hearing students singing/rapping, playing instruments, or creating beats. There’s almost always laughter and chatter in the hallways too, especially when the students are on break or if Admissions is doing a tour. Occasionally, on quieter days, I can even hear the peppy music from the lobby or someone using the vending machine.
It’s not just the sounds, though, that I enjoy. Sometimes I catch students from the film department walking down the hallway with costumes, props, and equipment, showcasing their creativity before they even press record. Someone always greets, waves, or smiles at me…