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What Do We Have to Live For?: Read This if the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Brought Up Suicidal Ideation for You or a Loved One

Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay Schools are one of the most popular settings for movies, T.V. shows, books, and maybe even music videos. Post-secondary schools especially. So, it’s easy to imagine what that kind of environment is like, even if you didn’t go to college. I absolutely love working at an artsy post-secondary school. Since the Student Services office is by the music department, I’m always hearing students singing/rapping, playing instruments, or creating beats. There’s almost always laughter and chatter in the hallways too, especially when the students are on break or if Admissions is doing a tour. Occasionally, on quieter days, I can even hear the peppy music from the lobby or someone using the vending machine. It’s not just the sounds, though, that I enjoy. Sometimes I catch students from the film department walking down the hallway with costumes, props, and equipment, showcasing their creativity before they even press record. Someone always greets, wave