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An Earth Loving God: 5 Reasons to be an Eco-Friendly Christian and How to Become One

  Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels Denying global climate change. The flat Earth movement. Anti-evolutionists. There are several scientific debates that have not shed a positive light on some very conservative folk out there. I suppose that shouldn’t be that big a deal. We’re all allowed to think what we want so long as we’re not hurting anyone, right? That’s the thing, though. We absolutely are. First, we’re clearly hurting the planet. Even NASA (n.d.) has spoken up about global climate change, explaining that the Earth’s temperature is rising, which leads to warmer oceans and melting icecaps, which leads to rising sea levels and extreme weather events, which doesn’t help since we’re polluting the oceans, and etc., and etc. Second, we’re also hurting ourselves. For example, Center for Biological Diversity (n.d.) declares that plastic pollution in our oceans is a global crisis, with tragic results such as sickening sea life and giant gyres of trash like the G

Come to Jesus: How the Way We Portray Jesus as a Partner – and God as a Parent – Can be Spiritual Abuse

Photo by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay Let me tell you about a new phrase I learned. There’s a student at the school I work at who’s been a handful. He's consistently absent/late, misses assignments, pays little attention in class, and maintains little to no communication with faculty/staff. As much as we’ve tried to help, his attendance and grades are almost to the point of no return. While he says he wants  to stay, his actions are working him out of the program. Now, there was one last chance the Director of Education came up with to help him stay. He could pay to retake a course he failed. If he paid and passed, he'd barely have the hours and grades to stay a while longer. If not, then he’d have to be withdrawn immediately. Here’s where the new phrase comes into play. His Program Director and I were preparing to sit down with the student to present that plan. As we headed out of the office to find him, she said we were going to have a  “come to