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Abundantly Encouraged: A Book Review of Derek Rydall’s “The Abundance Project”

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels INTRODUCTION Have you been to a book club? In my experience, this is what they’re like.   There’s a selected chapter weekly or a book monthly. Then you meet to either analyze it or answer designated questions.   Sound normal to you?   The last one I attended (virtually because of COVID, of course) was for The Abundance Project: 40 Days to More Wealth, Health, Love, and Happiness , by Derek Rydall. I will admit that calling it a book club doesn't do it justice because we did more than just read, analyze, and answer questions.   Turns out, it was a book transformational study.   My friend Sandy Munroe made sure we took Rydall’s challenges to heart with her group. Then we described our experiences, providing support for one another and piggybacking off each other’s observations. In addition, we concluded with a meditation to bring that chapter’s lessons to a close.   It was heartening to watch the growth with my group members by the end, including myse

On Pageantry, Body Image, and Self-Esteem: A #WorthyInterview with Ms. Maine USA Ambassador 2020, Abigail Peabody

Posted with Permission Selys Rivera (SR): Today is July 19, 2020. It’s 4:11 pm EST. I’m here with Abigail Peabody. Abby, do I have your permission to record this interview and use it for my business, Worth a Read Too?   Abigail Peabody (AP): Yes.   SR: Awesome! Okay, so to start, can you tell me what your official title is and kind of what that entails, like your responsibilities?   AP: Yeah, so I am Ms. Maine USA Ambassador for the USA Ambassador system, which is a national system whose charitable beneficiary is Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.   SR: Oh!   AP: My responsibility – yeah! My responsibility as Ms. Maine is to represent the state in the Ms. Category, which is 26 years of age and up. I like to represent my state by getting out and doing a lot of community service and servicing the community I live in and the state in general. So, I participate in a lot of charity events and volunteering. So, that’s kind of how I like to represent the state for this pageant system.   SR:

Jesus as a Psychiatrist: A Book Review of Dr. Ragy Girgis' "On Satan, Demons, and Psychiatry"

                                                                                               Photo by Nitin Arya  from Pexels INTRODUCTION   My relationship with mental health has been severely affected by my spirituality in positive and negative ways. Growing up as a child of divorced parents, therapy was introduced to me at a young age. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I saw therapists and guidance counselors. Each time, I grew a little more. It wasn’t until college, though, when I began to see that my mental and spiritual health went hand in hand. During my first real depressive episode, I hated myself so much that I thought I had to punish myself physically for God to forgive me. At the same time, I feared discarding the gift of life God had given me. That kept me going.   Several years later, after graduating with my master’s, I had the most life-shattering nervous breakdown I’ve ever experienced. I felt like two people – the happy, beautiful, and bubbly me vs. th

A Great Place to Start: A Book Review of Ben DeLong's "There's a God in My Closet"

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels    Introduction  It’s been two months since my last blog post – wow! I can’t believe how fast time goes when one is quarantined at home. For those of you who may not know, I usually post every other Wednesday. Recently, though, I put my blog on hiatus in order to focus on my mental health during this COVID-19 pandemic. One of the main activities I’ve enjoyed for self-care is reading…and I mean reading . I already met my yearly goal in five months! Seriously. Not twelve. Five months. But I digress.   It just so happens that around that time I was accepted as a book reviewer for Speakeasy. I thought I’d feed two birds with one scone, as the saying goes, and use my first book review for them as my next blog post in order to slowly get back into blogging.   Without further ado, let’s ado the book review. (Geez, that was a bad pun, even for me!)   Summary There’s a God in My Closet: Encountering the Love Who Embraces Our Skeletons by Ben DeLong is a book about