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Jesus as a Psychiatrist: A Book Review of Dr. Ragy Girgis' "On Satan, Demons, and Psychiatry"

                                                                                               Photo by Nitin Arya  from Pexels INTRODUCTION   My relationship with mental health has been severely affected by my spirituality in positive and negative ways. Growing up as a child of divorced parents, therapy was introduced to me at a young age. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I saw therapists and guidance counselors. Each time, I grew a little more. It wasn’t until college, though, when I began to see that my mental and spiritual health went hand in hand. During my first real depressive episode, I hated myself so much that I thought I had to punish myself physically for God to forgive me. At the same time, I feared discarding the gift of life God had given me. That kept me going.   Several years later, after graduating with my master’s, I had the most life-shattering nervous breakdown I’ve ever experienced. I felt like two people – the happy, beautiful, and bubbly me vs. th