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Bisexually Christian: How I Integrated My Sexuality and Spirituality

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels When I was in my graduate program, I took an online clinical course for LGBT+ clients. I remember sitting at my dining room table, my laptop and textbook open in front. We were covering the section on sexual identity development. In my textbook, Counseling LGBTQ Americans , by Frank (2012), there was a different timeline for each of the letters in the acronym, as well as for heterosexuality. I thought nothing of it as I read and took notes until I got to the bisexuality timelines, one of which particularly resonated with me. My face got progressively closer to the textbook as I read about The Layer Cake Model of Bisexual Identity Development: (1) “Development of a heterosexual identity,” (2) “Experience with homosexual feelings, thoughts, and/or behaviors,” (3) “Acceptance of same-sex attractions but maintenance of a heterosexual identity,” (4) “Integration of heterosexual and homosexual identities,” and (5) “Identificat