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We are Jane: Why "Jane the Virgin" is My Favorite T.V. Show and Could be Yours Too

Photo by Huynh Dat from Pexels *Spoiler Alert* I’m going to make several references to the show across the seasons so if you’ve already started watching it and don’t want any spoilers, come back to my blog after you’re caught up on episodes. When Jane the Virgin ( JTV ) first came out, I was dumbstruck by the similarities between myself and the main character, Jane Villanueva. A friend even texted me asking if the show’s writers followed or stalked me to get material. The similarities are just that eerie. If you haven’t seen the show, it introduces Jane as a Latin-American female college student who dreams of becoming a published author. She’s also studying to become a teacher while she interns at a school and works part time at a restaurant. Her hobbies include reading and dancing. Jane grew up in a Catholic household with her single mother, Xiomara, and her grandmother, Alba. She’s estranged from her father, Rogelio, but is later able to