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"Fish, Cheese, and Forty-Two": A Spoken Word #WorthyVideo Post


Hi everyone! I hope you’re holding up well. Hopefully, better than me!


I’ve been feeling kind of down recently. I thought that maybe I could do something a little different to inspire me a little bit – maybe inspire you – and offer a little bit of hope.


So, I’ve actually turned to my poetry chapbook that I published earlier this year. It’s called, Rise in Love: A Poetry Chapbook (Revised Edition). You can find it on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, and Scribd.


I have five sections in this poetry book. There’s You, Them, Life, God, and Me. And it’s about celebrating love in all the different areas of our life. So, I thought I would share one of my favorite ones. It’s from the Life section. It’s called, “Fish, Cheese, and Forty-Two.”


Ask five creatures the meaning of life

and you’ll get five different answers.


“The answer is fish,” says the Christian.

“Of course not! The answer is cheese,” says the mouse.

“It’s forty-two,” says the mathematician.

“There isn’t an answer,” says the louse.


But my high school chem teacher said

instead that it’s what held meaning in my life.

So, whatever those five answered?

I suppose that they’re right. (Rivera, 2020)


Okay, that’s all for today, my #worthyreaders! I’ll let you know when I’ve got another one up, but hopefully this gave you a little pick-me-up like it did me.


Thanks! Take care.


Rivera, S. (2020). Rise in Love: A Poetry Chapbook (Revised Edition). Worth a Read Too, LLC.